These images were created using MacPyMOL: PyMOL v1.7 Enhanced for Mac OS X. The PDB text file was downloaded here. The crystal structure was solved by Pannifer et al. (2001) bound to the n-terminal domain of a MAPKK2. 

Lethal Factor Overall Structure

Anthrax lethal factor ribbon diagram. Domain 1 (yellow), domain 2 (blue), domain 3 (red), domain 4 (green), n-terminal domain of MAPKK (black).

Lethal Factor Surface

Anthrax lethal factor ribbon diagram. Domain 1 (yellow), domain 2 (blue), domain 3 (red), domain 4 (green), n-terminal domain of MAPKK (black). A transparent surface was placed over the ribbon diagram.

Lethal Factor Unique Feature

Electrostatic map of the catalytic binding groove with the n-terminal segment of MAPKK shown in black with a mesh surface. Red indicates negatively charged regions whereas blue indicates positively charged regions, The binding groove forms between domain 3 (left), domain 4 (right) and domain 2 (top). The MAPKK makes specific contacts with negatively charged residues in the groove.

Lethal Factor Homolog

Superimposed images of lethal factor domain 2 (blue) and VIP2 (green). Structural homology, especially in the alpha-helices is significant. Domain II and VIP2 superpose with an RMS of 2.107 Å. The VIP2 domain and anthrax lethal factor was downloaded at PDB, accession code 1QS2, and 1JKY respectively.

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References Edit

Pannifer AD et al. 2001. Crystal Structure of the Anthrax Lethal Factor .Nature. 414 (6860): 229-33.